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And Tay started repeating these sentiments back to users and in the process turning into one hatred filled robot.

Hi Folks, I am very new to the world of chatbots but I have lots of time to read and I am eager to learn. doing math problems, and playing games with your visitors. Only then will you realize what's possible, and perhaps something you see will trigger a new idea in your mind.

That includes the Assistant, but also photography tools, storage options, communication apps and its entire suite of virtual reality technologies.

"his programme induced a dialogue more human than any other I've seen" - Turing's biographer Andrew Hodges (author of Alan Turing: the Enigma) in "The Turing Test in practice".

MGonz is finally written up as a book chapter: Humphrys, Mark (2008), "How my program passed the Turing Test", Chapter 15 of Parsing the Turing Test: Philosophical and Methodological Issues in the Quest for the Thinking Computer, Robert Epstein, Gary Roberts and Grace Beber (eds.), Springer, 2008.

This goes back to an "Eliza" AI chat program (see What is an "Eliza" program?

botid=8f41d64a8e36b813I look forward to hearing your impressions and comments on how Karla and I may improve our communication with the outside world. So far, it seems there is little change from the ordinary, off-the-shelf, Annotated A. Your dialogue was very helpful and I will follow through on the suggestions.

The Assistant can show any information that people need.

For instance, it can look at what's on screen when someone asks "How far to this restaurant?

The first phone designed by Google on the inside and outside looks almost exactly the same as most other recent handsets – a silver and white rounded square, made of metal and glass.

But the company hopes that it can stand apart by baking in its Assistant to the heart of the phone.

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