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That’s what new research from the mobile dating app Clover would suggest.

The Toronto-based service analyzed data based on its 1.5 million users and discovered that dating trends vary from place to place, with certain regions showing a strong bent toward very specific interests.

Black women should focus on their relationships with their black male counterparts.

Stories about the number of Black women who are single have made headlines for years, and many of us are tired of hearing them.

For example, based on the findings, Oklahoma has more “socially awkward singles” than any other state, while New York has the largest amount of daters seeking interracial relationships, and Seattle has the most “nerds into nerds.” Clover analyzed data from its Mixers service, a feature that enables users to form and join groups based on interests, and to set up real life mixers, aka in-person hangouts.

Isaac Raichyk, CEO of Clover, came up with the concept of mixers as a way to motivate people to mingle, and to bring back some of what he missed about the dating world before the rise of the Internet.

(Seattle's almost as white and nearly as bad—and those "try a black girl" assholes, wherever they are.) But even though there are challenges, LSBG, you shouldn't leave Portland just because there aren't any men in—wait, are there really no men anywhere in Portland? Ask yourself what you enjoy doing besides searching Portland for men who aren't assholes. If you meet a guy with an amazing penis and a "giving tongue" who isn't a "professional," LSBG, maybe you should give him a chance. You could wind up meeting an introvert with a giving tongue.

Finding the right man to fit your wants/needs/desires/fantasies is hard.

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