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Their image was equal parts strong-willed big sister, freewheeling college dorm mate, and potty-mouthed flirty girl at the end of the bar, a combination that drew country fans of both sexes and all ages and then soaked up more listeners from outside the genre. They were clearly enjoying every minute of their ride to the top. Another had them stuffed in the back of a limo, all glammed-up and chowing down on fast food. For their first single, 1997’s “I Can Love You Better,” they introduced themselves to the world with lilting three-part harmonies while riding into the frame seated on an airport baggage carousel.

In 1999’s ridiculously catchy “Ready to Run,” they did street stunts on BMX bikes and started a food fight, all while wearing wedding dresses and running shoes.

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  1. It is because of these hectic lifestyles, that lots of Australians find themselves wanting to speak with a special someone during their free time but they are not sure where to meet people, outside of the typical places like a bar or club.