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One of the major private collections is the eminent Vehmeyer collection, described in a marvelous illustrated book/catalogue in 1994, containing at least twenty-five Hague clocks, sixteen Dutch longcase clocks, apart from a few Dutch Renaissance table clocks, late seventeenth century maritime watches and eighteenth century bracket clocks.A smaller but interesting collection is that of the Boom-Time Foundation on display in museums in Haarlem, Utrecht and Zaandam and described in a catalogue in 1999 by ir Jan Boomsma. To give you a short introduction to the history of Dutch clockmaking I hope I can show you some examples and maybe demonstrate some of the characteristics as well as their similarities with British timekeepers.

Paying for dates was generally considered a masculine behavior.

A review of the literature appears to indicate that authors in the English language have distinguished the importance and specifics of Dutch clockmaking much at a much earlier stage and with rather more verve than their Dutch colleagues. Great Dutch architects like Berlage and Dudok, and even the old masters of the 'Golden Age of Dutch painting'seems to attract greater interest abroad than in the Netherlands itself. The best nown Dutch authors, amongst others writing in the English language about essential history of Dutch clocks, Dr J. Sellink in his survey of Dutch antique domestic clocks (1973) and Dr R.

Plomp in some splendid articles in Antiquarian Horology of 1971, 19, but mainly in his important case study of Early Dutch spring driven pendulum clocks (1979).

In the United States it’s widely accepted the man pays the bill while in most of Europe and Australia the practice of splitting the bill is often practiced.

In Germany, Canada and Australia sharing the cost of a date is normal practice where both people have a similar financial status.

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