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Cimorelli is a singing group that became well-known through You Tube.

They are currently signed to Universal Music's Island label.

No one knew for sure what happens behind the camera, but everyone always thinks that they are the happy, cheery family every one saw on camera."I find it awkward how I say my name! There was a long pause and then she walked over to the couch and leaned against the back of it. " She gets up off the couch and wraps her arms gently around his shoulders. Give me ANY of your suggestions and I will try to do all the ones I can. I will reply to you if I don't know the couple you tell me about so if you don't get a reply from me, assume I am writing your story!

I say it, you do your 'We're Cimorelli' chant,and then I'm just like 'and I'm Ryan Beatty' again! Ryan follows her and leans against the couch next to her."You aren't so bad yorself, Ryan. No I'm not.." Lauren says with a slight grin at his compliment."Yeah you are! Don't let anyone tell you different, especially any hater on line. He instantly puts his arms around her tiny waist and squeezes her in a way of saying you're welcome."Come on guys! " Ryan and Lauren pull apart at the sound of Christina's voice yelling. Lauren is the first to look away and starts to walk towards their dining room, where the piano is. I have decided that I want you guys, my fans and reviewers, to tell me what to write. Try to give me an idea of what you want to happen, if you don't I am sure I can come up with something for them.

"Every one exchanged a few glances and mumbled many "fine"'s, "whatever"'s, and "last time"'s."Thats the spirit! She walks over to her place and started to fix her hair."But don't say 'We're Cimorelli' really awkwardly like-" Katherine continued to make random noises which made the girls all laugh. They had that special bond you don't see in many sisters and it seemed as if eveyone loved everyone, and no one argued. Lauren turn about seven shades of red dark and looked at the ground.

The band consists of six sisters: Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani Cimorelli.

Their debut album is expected to be released in 2013.

I used some of the footage because if I used it all, it would take to long. We have Ryan here so I think that this should be our best video yet! She didn't usually talk to guys, especially not this cute. " Ryan said trying to make conversation."Wow, thanks.

" Christina was always the one who got all the other sisters to actually get down to business. If you were to go on to her laptop, you would see his videos in her history. She things he sings amazing, was very cute, and now she knew that he was very sweet as well. People have told me that but I try not to let it go to my head, you know?

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Pop singer who shares the stage with five of her sisters in the pop group Cimorelli.

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