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Iran has "clearly mastered the enrichment technology now...they're not stopping, they're making progress and our time is limited", he said.Economic sanctions "with pain" had to be the next step, followed by attempting to overthrow the theocratic regime and, ultimately, military action to destroy nuclear sites.

John Bolton, who still has close links to the Bush administration, told The Daily Telegraph that the European Union had to "get more serious" about Iran and recognise that its diplomatic attempts to halt Iran's enrichment programme had failed.

Around 1728, the descendants of the Lords Proprietor of North Carolina returned their lands back to the crown in exchange for positions in the colonial government.

Only one of the eight Lords, John Carteret the 2nd Earl Granville, decided to keep his land and sell it in smaller parcels.

Substantial confusion surrounds the earliest generations of the Pittsburgh Farmerie family.

This confusion involves not only the dates of birth and immigration, but the names and number of children of the immigrant Johannes Firmeri / John Farmerie. 1865, (along with brother Nicholas and brother-in-law Christopher Streiff), and was mustered out 28 Jun.

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