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If Jeb Bush and other state government officials have spent their time getting this project off the ground, then government money has already been spent on it.

“You have that aspect of a show that appeals to a broad audience, but there is something a little bit deeper that will appeal to a different segment that feels like they are a little bit underserved.” Rogan — the co-founder of Authentic Entertainment (TODDLERS & TIARAS, HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO) — is now hoping to cash in on the popularity of faith-based films and television programs like THE BIBLE, THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE and HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. “We are definitely finding more openness and more willingness to hear pitches that are in some way related to religion,” he says.

IT TAKES A CHURCH will air eight episodes in its first season.

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“Everyone is looking for love, for their perfect match.

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