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This peaceful haven is bathed in sunlight 300 days a year.

Nestled in an enclosed park spanning over 7 acres, in the shade of hundred-year-old stone pines, this residence is the ideal place to reflect, discuss, listen..come together!

It's the opportunity to treat your international teams or clients.

Tortugal is a family place, safe, quiet and romantic, a place in which you will feel right at home and want to return to time after time. Great view of Rocky Mountains from the balcony and room - just like a postcard.We're delighted to welcome your teams, both large and small, to this seminar house on the outskirts of the eternal city! We enjoyed our stay and highly recommend this Lodge to other travellers." "Our family had so much fun at this lodge. We enjoyed our stay and certainly will stay here again." "Great place to stay in Fernie, well priced. Very convenient location, only a short walk to the town center.

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